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We specialise in people skills for professionals. Our aim is to make
your life and work a meaningful and vibrant expression of you at your best.

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Our Case Studies


Here are some examples of our work with particular clients.

Each shows the key area of concern for the client, and the route we took to support their learning and resolve the issue.


  • Project management is essential to our team, which gives essential administrative support for our program within Oxfam. We need to build ways of influencing others, and increasing our effectiveness — especially when asking managers of other teams or organisations to meet deadlines. We often work under time-pressure, and this can make it harder to achieve necessary outcomes.    Read more...>>

  • How can our healthcare leads move towards more successful interdisciplinary and multi-professional team-working, keeping a genuine focus on patient care?   Read more...>>

  • How can we support our Human Resources staff to deal with the human side of grievance and complaints procedures?   Read more...>>

  • Medical Postgraduate Education
    We want our junior doctors to do more than cover key competencies in behaviour and communication.
       Read more...>>

  • How can we be sure we are not (inadvertently) bullying our junior colleagues — and how can we best handle accusations of bullying?   Read more...>>

  • How can we help our teams overcome obstacles to excellent service provision, when inadequate resources puts strain on interpersonal relationships?   Read more...>>

  • Our Leadership Team faces a tremendous challenge as we restructure. Can you support individuals to help them balance Trust-wide concerns, expectations and performance pressure with their own clinical practice?   Read more...>>

  • Help us get better interviews with detainees, and deal with duty solicitors who want to put a spanner in the works.   Read more...>>

  • How can our Crisis and Hostage Negotiators benefit from understanding the needs of the people they meet?   Read more...>>

  • This executive manager has great talent, but his performance review shows distinct limitations in dealing with people below him. He also struggles with his boss.   Read more...>>

  • As senior manager in this region, I need to relate better to people at all levels in my organisation — as well as to our customers.   Read more...>>

  • My 360 degree feedback has shaken me — I need to do something about my managerial style.   Read more...>>

  • We have a dysfunctional team where the line manager no longer has the trust of his staff.   Read more...>>

  • Can mediation help us with this difficult and volatile situation?   Read more...>>

  • Can you offer a course for workers whose performance review has highlighted lack of skill, sensitivity or confidence in communication?   Read more...>>

  • Our staff have highlighted lack of recognition as a source of stress and low motivation — how can you help?   Read more...>>

  • Our engineers meet all sorts of people as they install and repair equipment — we want them to be better at handling this side of their work.   Read more...>>

  • As a medium-sized family-led firm, we want our staff to have the skills to smooth recurrent tensions, and to maintain the atmosphere of trust and friendliness we see as our trademark.   Read more...>>

  • We are producing an educational video. Please can you contribute to this project by discussing your work on communication?   Read more...>>

  • Our staff have regular training days, with input on topics of interest. Please come and tell us about Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC), as we have heard it can be useful in an educational environment.   Read more...>>

  • Our new two-year study course forms an in-depth training in the doctrines and practice of Buddhism. We would like Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) to be a key aspect of the syllabus.   Read more...>>

  • I run the Human Resources department here, and my team delivers courses throughout the company. I want team development with a difference. We need a more visionary approach, based on care for self and other, incorporating principles of Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication™.   Read more...>>

  • Our sales team operates with customers away from our central offices. They face the challenges of hectic schedules and busy customers. But the real tension is between maintaining and serving their current customer base, and developing new customers.   Read more...>>