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Case Study

Client: Anonymous


Our staff have highlighted lack of recognition as a source of stress and low motivation — how can you help?


Despite its leading role within UK assessment, its rapid growth and reputation for highest quality, the company’s staff highlighted that they felt undervalued and de-motivated. Within a particular department teamwork had suffered because external factors were divorcing actual input from perceivable outcome, and the energy people were putting in was not overtly obvious from the visible result. We explored how acknowledging the time, effort and energy put into a task directly impacts on motivation and improved performance, drawing on Herzberg’s seminal research into ‘motivation factors’¹. We also looked into intention as a valid criterion for positive feedback, and how appreciating time and effort boosts confidence in performance and prevents motivation from crumbling in the face of obstacles. We also supported team-members in finding a genuine and authentic approach to giving positive feedback, overcoming cultural blocks and habitual responses which can obscure its natural expression.


¹ Herzberg, F., Mausner, B., & Snyderman, B. B. (1959). The motivation to work. New York: John Wiley & Sons.


Elizabeth English


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