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Case Study

Client: National Health Service Trusts – Brighton & Sussex Universities Hospital


How can we support our Human Resources staff to deal with the human side of grievance and complaints procedures?


Recognising the sheer complexity of many grievance procedures, and the immense cost in terms of time, stress and sickness for those involved, Brighton and Sussex Universities Hospital NHS Trust (BSUH) asked us to deliver a course which focused on the human dimension of dealing with complaint procedures or investigations. The resulting course, ‘The Art of Investigating People’ drew on our experience of mediation and reconciliation work, and showed how to provide a safe, non-judgemental environment in which those caught up in a dispute can feel fully heard and understood. At the same time, we helped staff to acknowledge and deal with the pressure they face to ‘sort things out,’ and to keep themselves resourced and stress-free during the journey towards an agreement or settlement.


Elizabeth English


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