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Case Study

Client: GlaxoSmithKline (UK)


I run the Human Resources department here, and my team delivers courses throughout the company. I want team development with a difference. We need a more visionary approach, based on care for self and other, incorporating principles of Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication™.


High Performance Teams are said to ‘care for each other above and beyond the task’. Keeping this core principle in mind, we led a training notable for it’s very lively, interactive and playful atmosphere. At the same time, we introduced the serious topic of how and why people disconnect —¬†and so how Nonviolent Communication™ (aka Needs-based Communication) can help to build and maximise trust and willingness. We helped the team understand the in-depth processes by which people connect with others and tasks, and so how to fire the interest and imagination of staff who attend their trainings and presentations. The Mindfulness approach lent another dimension to the day, helping staff find an way to manage work overload, and introducing ways to resource and refresh themselves through a busy day.


Simon McKibbin


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