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Case Study

Client: Greater Manchester Police: Crisis and Hostage Negotiating Team


How can our Crisis and Hostage Negotiators benefit from understanding the needs of the people they meet?


A training for Greater Manchester Police (GMP)’s Crisis and Hostage Negotiating Team opened up the stimulating subject of connection: how do we know when we have it, what is it like when it is there –and how are we actually achieving this? The training challenged the Negotiators’ assessment of their skills. We asked them to notice whether they are empathising and listening to other people’s concerns, or expressing their own agenda, as they forged the vital connection with someone in crisis. The greater the awareness of these choices, the greater our ability to choose another approach if needed, especially at moments of high-level stress for those involved. This distinction was new to the officers, and opened up new and fruitful ways of applying their experience.


Elizabeth English


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