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Case Study

Client: Otis UK


Our engineers meet all sorts of people as they install and repair equipment — we want them to be better at handling this side of their work.


We contributed to the OTIS Management Training scheme, introducing our approach to Repair and Service Managers, alongside their Marketing and Systems Managers. Some delegates were unused to listening as a means of making a connection with clients, and so the course challenged current habitual ways of dealing with problem areas. Internal improvements were also reported as a result of the course, as it helped rebuild long-standing difficutlies in a team, and provided a fresh approach for the IT department. In an email we received later, we heard about startling improvement which continued well after the course as workers put to use their new skills and perspectives.


Elizabeth English


‘I’d recommend this for other managerial / supervisory staff. It will provide them with the tools to get the most out of their teams.’
Service Manager, London

‘An excellent starting-point to improve anyone’s communication.’
Service Manager, Bristol

‘I believe this is a very useful course for field managers who deal with engineers and customers on a daily basis.’
Repair Manager

‘This has offered another way of thinking —to gain results.’
Service Manager

‘I’d recommend this —It’s a practical tool that can be used in the workplace which will enhance communication.’
Quality and ACE Manager

‘I think the course was excellent, as you actually learn something that you can go away with and implement from the moment you leave the door rather than something you have to continually refer to or revise. I have already seen some benefits as the communication between and myself has improved considerably.’
Otis IT Manager


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