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Case Study

Client: Trevor Jones Chartered Accountants


As a medium-sized family-led firm, we want our staff to have the skills to smooth recurrent tensions, and to maintain the atmosphere of trust and friendliness we see as our trademark.


This medium-sized company prides itself on maintaining its core people values within the highly pressured environment of chartered accountancy in the motor industry. It invests generously in its staff, thereby encouraging motivation, loyalty and high performance. The firm’s directors were keen to model and exemplify a learning attitude. For this course, entitled ‘Meeting the Needs of Clients and Colleagues’, the aim was to increase the delegates awareness of how to balance the needs of the in-house team concerned with legality, efficiency and procedural accuracy, with the sometimes opposing agendas of a client facing an annual audit. The company also took us to Chamonix to provide the learning dimension to its top managers’ annual break. We explored how they could improve communication within meetings, and move to tackle uncomfortable or sensitive issues in an environment of trust.


Elizabeth English


‘I would definitely recommend the course; it gives a deep insight into different ways of approaching connection and communication.’
Audit Junior


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