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Case Study

Client: Dharmapala College


Our new two-year study course forms an in-depth training in the doctrines and practice of Buddhism. We would like Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) to be a key aspect of the syllabus.


We were offered the opportunity to work full time with Dharmapala College in this project. Our preference at the time was to contribute with four two-three day trainings over the year, in modular blocks. This continued for two years. The level of interest was high, even amongst some who regarded themselves as very sceptical of ‘new-fangled communication ideas’; and challenging to others who had received training in similar but subtly different approaches elsewhere. The success of the two-year project led to us developing our current modular course, which we offer openly as a public course: Living and Working with Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) and Focusing.


‘As a participant of Dharmapala College’s first two year course, one of the features that attracted me was the opportunity to learn Nonviolent Communication. I found Elizabeth (Locana) to be a gifted teacher; keen to emphasise practical applications whilst not getting stuck in ‘technique’. Four years later I still refer back to the lessons learnt through studying with her and key principles of communication remain in my mind on a daily basis.’
Attendee of two year-long modular courses

‘Invariably, your NVC seminars —quite a number over the years— have been casting a glow of joy, liveliness and full-blooded energy through house and garden of our college.’
Rüdiger Jansen, Director of Dharmapala College


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