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Case Study

Client: National Government Agency


This executive manager has great talent, but his performance review shows distinct limitations in dealing with people below him. He also struggles with his boss.


Contacted by HR to help a talented middle-to-high level manager, we were able to open up a new approach for his personal and professional development. He began to understand the limitations of an ‘eyeballing’ approach in meetings and to see the benefits of more collaborative and negotiating style. Without losing his drive and independence, he was genuinely convinced by a more personable style, and found his relationships across the board improved. Internally, he suffered less from sudden flares of anger or irritation, and was less prone to expressing these in sarcastic or terse comments. The coaching marked a watershed for him in his personal approach to work, and to his underlying wish to make a difference within his sphere of influence.

This is how he himself describes how the techniques he learnt helping me in his day to day activity:

“I would say over all that the major improvement I have noticed is in my communication skills, not only in one to one discussions but in contributing to and chairing meetings. I have been able to explore other colleagues opinions and viewpoints and in recognising their needs and views have been able to come to mutually beneficial solutions. The work we did has also enabled me to focus on developing a much wider scope of options in dealing with potential issues rather than concentrate on delivering a single solution which might not be the best option for all areas of the business. In recognising and adapting to this new method of communication I have had to review my time management skills. In order to facilitate open and frank discussions around potentially conflicting areas I have recognised that colleagues need time to weigh up the pros and cons of any decisions that are required. This has meant that I need to provide information in advance of meetings and therefore I have been planning my time to enable papers to be sent out before formal meetings and relevant information to be sent before more informal one to one discussions. The goal in all of this activity is to seek to harmonise cross divisional functions and to provide successful outputs as much as possible whilst delivering my division’s objectives. I feel that with this new approach this is now becoming much easier to achieve”


Elizabeth English


Confidential coaching interventions
‘Feedback from my own staff indicates that we share a growing sense of trust, clarity and purpose... and we are not only meeting but exceeding our targets.’
Senior Manager

Confidential coaching interventions
‘This process gets to the core of good management — an essential guide to influencing people.’
Middle Manager

Confidential coaching interventions
‘I am now able to communicate much more effectively with colleagues. I am able to run more productive and positive meetings. My communication with my boss is much improved.’

Confidential coaching interventions
‘This approach helped me professionally and personally: Working towards a common solution, negotiation skills, reducing stress levels, reducing anxiety around major work areas: [also] understanding the need for thorough preparation of papers and the full impact of my behaviours/attitudes on others.’
Head of [---]


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