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We specialise in people skills for professionals. Our aim is to make
your life and work a meaningful and vibrant expression of you at your best.

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Case Study

Client: National Organisation


As senior manager in this region, I need to relate better to people at all levels in my organisation — as well as to our customers.


As a senior manager in a busy public organisation with a budget of £17M and over 450 staff I am accountable for ensuring we meet a wide range of targets and standards of service. I find that the most demanding aspect of my job is bridging the gap between the formal organisation and the informal network of relationships, feelings and values that are so important in my own and others’ working lives. Working with Elizabeth is helping me relate to both customers and people at all levels in my own organisation in a more enjoyable and authentic way. I find we are more able to honestly express and resolve our concerns. Feedback from my own staff indicates that we share a growing sense of trust, clarity and purpose which means more of our time and energy can go into productive work and we are not only meeting but exceeding our targets.


Elizabeth English


Confidential intervention
‘The facilitation...felt much better, and made it easier for me to practise my new approach. This time I went with the attitude of being interested in where people were coming from, and teasing out their concerns, without feeling it was up to me to fix anything, and it was a joy.’
Leadership Team-member


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