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Case Study

Client: National Health Service Trusts – Stepping Hill Hospital


How can our healthcare leads move towards more successful interdisciplinary and multi-professional team-working, keeping a genuine focus on patient care?


Strategic leads in Greater Manchester asked us to support their clinicians in moving from silo-type approaches to service delivery into a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary context, focusing on how to lead across divisions and professions. Our Multi-Professional Leadership courses were delivered to Allied Health Professionals in Greater Manchester and Airedale, and were followed up by monthly Action Learning sets over six months. This allowed for real cognitive and behavioural changes to take root in the managers, many of whom were already highly skilled and experienced. The peer environment became a much valued resource during the period of transition towards fuller multi-professional working, while the Action Learning materials we introduced allowed them to deal with greater fluidity with difficult situations, and stressed staff. Their growing ability to express their own needs with clarity and calm also gave a greater confidence and authority to them as leaders, as well as opened the doors for a more genuine –and more efficient– resolution to the difficulties faced by team-members. As our testimonials show, the learning also positively affected our delegates personal lives.


Elizabeth English


‘Interesting and enlightening; a new experience which has positively influenced my communication skills.’
Head of Histopathology Dept.


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