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Mindful Conversations


Keep your mindfulness practice alive

To keep your mindfulness practice alive, you need to apply it in the rush of everyday life. What better way than through your conversations? Conversations happen all day long, continually shaping what happens around you. applying mindfulness to your interactions keeps you clear, calm and centred. it also benefits others because it increases your ability to find fresh ways forward especially in sticky or stuck situations.


Mindful communication courses

Our ‘Mindful Conversations’ course has eight sessions (usually spread over eight weeks), and offers an ideal follow-on to previous mindfulness training. each session includes a short meditation in which to refresh and deepen your practice, and we also teach new types of meditation – including interactive meditation techniques – which particularly promote healthy communication. A mix of thought-provoking and stimulating exercises allows you to explore mindful interactions through your own experience, and so paves the way for fresh insights and new skills which grow organically from mindful principles.



Mindful communication coaching

Coaching gives you the opportunity to look in depth at individual blindspots and challenges, and to increase your understanding of mindful interactions in your own life. Working with your coach, you develop a keen understanding of your own inner conversations, and how they impact on other people in the outer world. as a result you will experience more enjoyable and enriching relationships, as well as liberating ways to move.


How does mindful communication work?

the key to mindful communication is to discover how your inner dialogues (your conversations with yourself) act as a blueprint for all your outer interactions (your conversations with others). With mindfulness, you transform your conversations by transforming yourself; and you transform yourself, by transforming your conversations.


This means understanding every aspect of yourself – Thinking, Feeling, Being and Doing – and how each aspect helps to create connection. at best, these are like four great pathways leading to connection.



When you connect clearly and with empathy, it is because you include each pathway fully in your conversation: Thinking, Feeling, Being and Doing.







‘What you say next will change

your world.’

– Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. (Founder of NVC)





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