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We specialise in people skills for professionals. Our aim is to make
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Focusing Coaching

This gentle but transformative approach helps us to build our inner resources. Working with a trained Focusing teacher (also by ourselves), we learn to greet our inner experience in a new way. The result is a radical acceptance of what is happening within us, which leaves us free to respond and engage in the world as a whole person. Focusing improves physical and emotional health, builds stability and happiness, and increases our ability to make life-enhancing connections with others.

How Focusing works

We push away much of our experience, because we find it uncomfortable‚Ķ if you want to test this, notice how often a part of you is not wanting something that’s happening right now. Alternatively, we pull experience towards us; we feel an uncomfortable or painful lack because a part of us is wanting something. The constant pull and push of wanting and not-wanting is tiring and stressful. It robs us of a direct experience of the present moment — the place our true resources lie, and where we can live life to its full.

When we focus, we are able to be present with whatever is happening within or without, even the over-riding push-and-pull responses. We find that every aspect of our experience, no matter how overwhelming or how small, holds some inner richness which — once heard and given space — opens up into a new unexpected aspect of experience and life.

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