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Assertiveness — with Nonviolent Communication™

Assertiveness is an important aspect of clear, confident communication. Yet by itself, it can lead to rigid approaches which others may read as hard or aggressive. By combining training in assertiveness with the insights of Nonviolent Communication™, we find new ways to stand our ground and meet our own needs. As we listen to the needs of others and cultivate positive co-operation, we learn to act from a sense of our own fulness and potency, while appreciating these qualities in others.


This transformative approach gives you the tools to:

  • Ask for, and get what you want in an open, honest and direct way
  • Translate demands or criticism into needs
  • Look for a win-win outcome — where no-one gives up or gives in
  • Overcome the barriers to being more assertive
  • Manage difficult situations more confidently
  • Develop greater self-respect and self-esteem
  • Transform aggression and passivity into positive interaction