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Communicating with Customers & Clients

Course Outline

This course helps you to understand the conditions that build positive connections and successful outcomes with your customers and clients. Whether you work in Sales, Customer Services, Credit Control or any other customer-facing role in a business — and whether face-to-face, over the phone or via email — you need to ensure genuine communication which promotes trust and long-term credibility.


In what way is the customer ‘always right’?

This course helps you to understand your response to your customers, and their response to you. The key is to discover and relate to the customer’s needs. Seeing the customer as ‘right’ then becomes the genuine approach of a healthy, successful service representative.

This learning has a significant impact within the business context. By applying its principles with colleagues, you contribute towards a customer-facing team that appreciates its members, listens accurately, and express itself clearly to its managers.


Course Aims:

  • To increase ease and fluency communicating with your customers
  • To build awareness of your customer’s need, both implicit and explicit
  • To win trust over time and develop a lasting connection with your clients


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop your ability to put yourself and customers at their ease
  • Deal with ‘difficult’ customers without stress for you or them
  • Understand what not to do in communication with customers and clients
  • Recognise and make the most of opportunities and ‘sales breaks’
  • Increase your familiarity with different styles and media of communication
  • Recognise the difference between charm and genuine warmth
  • Know the difference between real and superficial or contrived confidence
  • Handle objections and and move on from ‘failure’
  • Recognise when you ‘try hard’ and how may that come across
  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of short — and — long term approaches in customer care
  • Understand the balance between ‘trying for’ and ‘allowing’ a sale


Course methods

The course offers an interactive and enriching space for the participants to explore their communication with customers. We cover generic principles of communication, and their application within the Sales environment. At the same time, we place great emphasis on real live scenarios, and on giving sufficient space to discuss, explore and learn from your existing experience of customer communication.


The course will increase your ability to:

  • Genuinely connect with customer needs
  • Authentically communicate your customer care attitude
  • Let customers know you know their needs and that you want to meet them
  • Listen out for and to draw out explicit and implicit wishes of customers
  • Genuinely connect with your own agenda in communication and understand why is that important
  • Keep positive, and be genuinely helpful and friendly
  • Meet your role objectives with assurance