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Improving Feedback Skills

Successful feedback provides a unique learning opportunity for both the giver and the receiver. Given genuinely and accurately, feedback provides a way of focusing on the task, and increasing our awareness of what we intend to achieve and the actual output.

At its most effective, feedback is continuous and has the capacity to increase trust and to build mutual understanding. On occasion, however, feedback has a demotivational effect, or its manner of being given and received blocks any useful messages being communicated.

Whether you are delivering performance reviews, or giving feedback as a manager or member of team, our courses and coaching will help.


Our courses and coaching increase your ability to:

  • Find the learning edge within feedback
  • Understand when feedback is likely to demotivate or alienate
  • Distinguish giving feedback from blunt honesty
  • Hear the useful messages within feedback, however it is given
  • Create safe and motivated learning situations
  • Move teams from a ‘blame frame’ into a ‘learning frame’
  • Recognise the usefulness of various models for delivering feedback
  • Increase skill in understanding others and how to communicate that successfully