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Needs-based Communication

Needs-based Communication is a communication method for individuals, businesses and organisations. It is an application of the expertise derived from the negotiation processes within Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC).

Needs-based Communication is an effective way to develop your communication skills, while finding and staying true to your own voice and your unique ways of expression.

Specific Benefits

  • Express yourself authentically and clearly
  • Deal with difficult situations with efficiency and friendliness
  • Prevent conflict and difficulites from arising
  • Transform blame and criticism into helpful messages
  • Give and receive feedback in a learning environment
  • Communicate directly to get the results you need
  • Listen to others so that everyone has a voice

Wider Benefits

  • Focus on your core needs, values and qualities for effective leadership
  • Develop multi-professional, multi-cultural environments
  • Find the most efficient strategies to succeed at what you do
  • Build a happy and healthy team or community
  • Deal with past or current issues
  • Enhance confidence and well-being
  • Increase the quality of your working life


Examples of our work using Needs-based Communication within organisations and businesses can be found on Our Case Studies page.




‘Regardless of our many

differences we all have the same needs. What differs from person to person is the strategy for fulfilling those needs.’

– Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. (Founder of NVC)



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