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About Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) is a recognised path to personal change. This is because communication lies at a midpoint between two worlds: the outer world of action and events, and our inner world, where we respond to what goes on around us. Communication helps us translate what is happening inside us, and express that to others. As we listen to others, communication enables us to understand and interact with what is going on for them.

If communication becomes blocked or stuck, people are unable to express what they need to move a situation forward. Whether this is happening to us or to other people, there are many ways we can reopen the channels of communication, and find a way forward. This fresh direction may be in the area of interaction (relationships at home or at work), or it may help us engage with practical projects and goals.

How NVC Helps

By acknowledging the whole person — their thinking, feeling, needs and values — we discover what motivates their actions and behaviour. Knowing this gives us a key to clear, non-judgemental communication which enables others to understand us easily, to respond willingly to our suggestions or requests, and to feel taken into account and valued in the process. We also find new ways to empathise with others and give them the space and freedom they need for what they say and do.

What are the benefits?

NVC is highly effective for:

  • Maintaining good communication
  • Preventing difficulties or conflicts
  • Repairing difficulties and damaged relationships

NVC will increase your ability to:

  • Be honest without insulting people
  • Transform blame and criticism
  • Handle conflict with confidence
  • Speak with authority, not aggression
  • Change your habits and behaviours to take others into account
  • Achieve more in a more supported and supportive environment
  • Heals rifts and resolve conflicts and confusion

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‘In every interaction, every

conversation, and in every thought, you have a choice: to promote peace or perpetuate violence.’

– Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. (Founder of NVC)



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‘Regardless of our many

differences we all have the same needs. What differs from person to person is the strategy for fulfilling those needs.’

– Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. (Founder of NVC)