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Challenging Conversations

This course is part of a staged, developmental course, consisting of two Level One courses and one Level Two course:

  • Level One: Active Listening
  • Level One: Empathic Communication
  • Level Two: Exploring Challenges

The ability to manage and resolve conflicts requires considerable skill from any leader, manager or team-member who finds themselves faced with interpersonal difficulties — either because they are affected personally, or because their role involves helping others to resolve problems.

This three-part course offers a staged approach to building new skills in communication. It offers a radically new approach based on understanding the whole person. This gets beneath the words or actions which have triggered a conflict, and finds ways to resolve the deeper tensions which are the cause of difficulties.

Active Listening (Level One course)

Actively engaging with others through effective listening enables us to spot potential difficulties and de-escalate problems at the outset. As all performance-related problems include communication breakdown at some stage, the ability to listen efficiently, with understanding, is key to running organisations and keeping on target.

Empathic Communication (Level One course)

Communication includes our ability to express ourselves with honesty without offending others or accidentally expressing blame. Empathic communication shows where we may lose connection with others through embedded habits of speech. We learn how to remain confident and strong on our own ground, while understanding others’ needs, and taking them into account.

Exploring Challenges (Level Two course)

This course increases our skill at managing reactions in problematic situations, and when emotions are running high. It builds on the learning from previous courses, and applies that to resolving conflicts and de-escalating difficulties.

Course Aims

  • To learn how to prevent and resolve conflicts
  • To enhance listening and empathic responses towards in-built differences
  • To move forward efficiently through problems, with renewed focus on meeting targets

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the roots of conflict and how to manage them
  • Negotiating win-win solutions across cultural divides
  • How to meet one’s own needs, while recognising the needs of others
  • The use of empathy and active listening to de-escalate difficulties
  • New ways of hearing difficult messages without hearing blame or criticism
  • Standing one’s ground, while staying in harmony with others
  • Saying ‘no’ to demands, while hearing what the other person needs
  • Informal mediation techniques for resolving difficulties between others