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Managing Confrontation

Confrontation can be both inefficient and painful — or extremely productive. In busy working environments, it is especially important that confrontation becomes a positive force for good: benefitting working relationships, improving people’s ability to work efficiently, and increasing performance.

The cost of managing confrontation poorly can be severe, yet leaders and managers often remain without any training in dealing with conflict in their teams. Team-members, too, may be left without the learning they need to manage difficulties, so that situations escalate unnecessarily.

The number of formal proceedings as a result of confrontation at work is increasing as people recognise the damage that can be inflicted by poor communication. Culturally, our awareness of conflict is rising, and there is increasing pressure to find solutions when difficulties occur.

In this working climate, it is more important than ever to give people the tools they need to manage confrontation effectively — at best, to transform confrontation into a positive force for improvement.

Workshop Aims

  • To increase skills in managing confrontation
  • To find early solutions to conflict
  • To focus on people, without losing a focus on performance

Learning Objectives

  • How to manage confrontation when it affects oneself personally
  • Increase one’s ability to de-escalate problems for others
  • Find quicker solutions across differences
  • Avoid mistakes and failed targets through better communication
  • Say ‘no’ to demands, while hearing what the other person is saying
  • Informal mediation for resolving difficulties between others
  • Know how to meet one’s own needs, while taking the needs of others into account
  • Foster trust and harmony in a working environment