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Resolving Conflicts

The ability to resolve conflicts and de-escalate difficulties between team members is essential to any leader, manager or team-member who works across boundaries within their organisation. Differences within task, status, nationality and culture may all lead to loss of understanding and the breakdown of communication — differences that otherwise give strength to an organisation.

Conflicts carry a tremendous cost in terms of time, energy and resources, as well as in the goodwill essential to meeting targets. When conflicts escalate they may require formal or legal solutions, despite the fact that an early intervention can result in resolution, mutual understanding and forward solutions.


This course will increase your ability to:

  • Find common ground across cultural divides
  • Understand and work successfully with differences
  • Enhance understanding within conflictual situations
  • Manage team-members and colleagues who create conflict
  • Deal with anger, and angry people
  • De-escalate problems as they emerge
  • Work with emotions when they are running high
  • Focus on people, without jeopardising output and performance
  • Engage on the level of shared human needs and values
  • Deal with disgruntled people, and increase team spirit
  • Develop and increase trust within teams