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We specialise in people skills for professionals. Our aim is to make
your life and work a meaningful and vibrant expression of you at your best.

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Our aim is to ensure that the truly relevant concerns are aired fully, and that all live issues are allowed to be voiced and heard with respect, equality and safety.

Our expertise in facilitation enables you to:

  • Hold meetings with ease and precision
  • Ensure that all voices are heard and respected
  • Allow staff to ‘let off steam’ in a safe environment
  • Create an atmosphere of openness and trust
  • Build flow and effectiveness in critical situations
  • Manage organisation and team change successfully
  • Be aware of, and accept, inbuilt differences


Different styles of facilitation are used, depending on the needs of your meeting — and changing as the meeting evolves. We employ facilitation methods to suit the moment: leadership-based, interactive, or ‘invisible’.


The Conversation Café

An approach for large meetings, which enables everyone to engage in a creative, productive and enjoyable fashion, around key issues and questions.


Learn Facilitation

We also offer a course or coaching which introduces you to the principles and practice of facilitation, and helps you to improve your skills in facilitation. See: Learn Facilitation.


Contact us to arrange facilitation for difficult meetings or challenging interactions between workplace colleagues, individuals, team-members, or private individuals. Free! We offer the first consultation for organisations free of charge.




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Free! Contact us to arrange a free consultation for your organisation.