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Mediation & Reconciliation


When relationships break down, there is a huge impact on both the individuals concerned and others within their organisation. The cost is both personal and financial, and increases as the situation worsens. Intervention is beneficial at any stage — although the earlier it is sought, the quicker the outcome. Our intervention seeks to support you, and the individuals involved, to move beyond the difficulties, and find new solutions to old problems. The mediation may take place between two individuals, within teams, or between teams and management.


Reconciliation helps to repair existing connections and relationships which have become difficult over a period of time. It also supports individuals after formal proceedings have taken place, helping to rebuild damaged connections and to find a new footing for future working relationships to develop.


By uncovering the underlying concerns and motivations that are driving those involved, we enable them to move towards a strategy that supports the needs of all concerned. No-one is asked to give up or give in. This creates an atmosphere of trust and transparency. In place of compromise, we help people to re-establish a meaningful connection, and to explore solutions that are mutually beneficial.

Our mediation and reconciliation process will assist you by:

  • Meeting with each party independently before a joint meeting
  • (Re-)establishing a meaningful connection between the parties
  • Identifying the underlying interests, motivations and needs of each party
  • Allowing each party to hear and be heard by the other
  • Building and re-creating trust and commitment
  • Not judging who is right or wrong, or imposing a settlement or solution that is difficult to live with
  • Acknowledging deeper feelings and allowing those to have a voice if needed
  • Helping those involved to move from ‘having to’ to ‘wanting to’ associate with the other party
  • Developing mutually beneficial strategies that aim to meet the needs of both / all involved
  • Completing the process with recorded points of agreement

Learn Mediation

We also offer a course or coaching which introduces you to the principles and practice of mediation, and helps you to improve your skills in mediation. See: Learn Mediation.


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