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Conflict Resolution

Even highly pressured situations are manageable if one trusts the support and goodwill of colleagues. But when conflict gets in the way, even simple tasks become complex and liable to error.

The cost of conflict is high

  • For employers, conflict makes people less productive, with workers taking more time off with sickness, and more liable to leave their jobs (CiPD statistics show that one third of workers leave their jobs due to conflict)
  • For those involved, conflict may increase stress, reduce job satisfaction and motivation, and impact badly on one’s performance and overall effectiveness

Yet conflict can be resolved. With our intervention, you can bring your workforce back into harmony, with new ways solutions, and fresh forward directions.

We are often called in at short notice to help with situations which have become difficult, entangled or stuck.

Our involvement typically includes:

  • Pre-intervention discussions to establish the best way forward
  • Individual meetings with those involved
  • Facilitated meetings with wider groups
  • Support for those leading the project moving forward
  • Post-intervention reports and ongoing advice

Benefits of our interventions:

  • Individuals are heard clearly and fully
  • Individual trust builds, people feel their contribution is valued
  • Connections re-establish as understanding deepens
  • Any ‘no!’ messages are given real space in a safe environment
  • The ‘yes!’ messages are held with equal respect
  • Past mistakes are reframed as learning, not blame
  • People feel supported and empowered to find ways forward
  • Copious learning emerges from the process

Resolving Conflicts

We also offer a course or coaching which introduces you to the principles and practice of conflict resolution, and helps you to improve your conflict resolution skills. See: Resolving Conflicts.


Contact us to arrange conflict resolution between workplace colleagues, individuals, team-members, or private individuals. Free! We offer the first consultation for organisations free of charge.




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