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Team Support

For team development, support and repair

Working together with colleagues can be productive, motivating and enjoyable. A friendly working environment gets the work done quicker, and both performance ratings and job satisfaction soar. However, working environments can also present us with challenges and difficulties, and on bad days, or in stressful periods, this can leave us feeling isolated, vulnerable, frustrated and de-motivated. The way to move forward in our working relationships is to feel confident that we can tackle issues in such a way that we promote progress and harmony in the team as as whole. We need to know that anything we say or do to resolve issues will leave everyone concerned feeling stronger and more positive than before.

This course is designed to help teams support and listen to each other in the course of (or in the wake of) difficult or stressful times. We might want to look at incidents from the past which are still affecting our ability to engage fully with the team or team members. Or we might simply want to find a way forward which will help us meet targets in a new spirit of togetherness and positivity.

With a mixture of enjoyable team-building exercises, and drawing on communication skills already learned, the day focuses on finding meaningful and worthwhile means of learning more about ourselves and our colleagues. We explore ways to overcome challenges which may initially seem daunting or impossible, and open up new ways of working with others.

Course Aims:

  • To support teams to work together to meet deadlines
  • To promote an enjoyable and positive working environment
  • To increase mutual understanding and respect within the team



How your team can benefit:

  • Clarity around core values underpinning and motivating the team
  • A new setting for fresh team dynamics to emerge
  • Deeper understanding of roles within the team, their limits and growing edges
  • New ways to bring core values to meeting targets
  • Enhanced responses to external pressures
  • Meeting in a different, relaxed and sociable environment
  • Greater confidence as a working-unit
  • Time to explore new ways of achieving goals
  • A creative space away from the task-oriented stress of the work environment


How individuals can benefit:

  • Increased awareness of their contribution and significance in the team
  • Enhanced individual impact within the team
  • Understanding the ‘active’ and ‘receptive’ modes within teams
  • Greater choice about when to ‘lead’ and when to ‘follow’
  • More ability to motivate and recognise themselves and others
  • Increased skill in team communication
  • Knowing how to maximise willingness within the team
  • Discovering or bringing in previously hidden talents to the team
  • An enjoyable day, combining meaning, learning and fun


How the task can benefit:

  • Greater ease and efficiency in achieving targets
  • More transparency within the team
  • Outcomes more clearly defined
  • Greater awareness of what is flexible and what is firm
  • Task-focused communication increasingly direct
  • Better use of time in meetings
  • Performance easily monitored
  • Current blocks to action dealt with creatively
  • Targets met and surpassed


Team Support Days

We also offer a course designed to support your team in times of transition or difficulty. See: Team Support Days.


Contact us to arrange consultations for team support, in times of challenge or change. Free! We offer the first consultation for organisations free of charge.




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