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Decision Making

Making a good decision involves our ability to encounter contradictions and opposites and to go beyond them. Essential to any task, whether managing time, projects, people or meetings, successful decisions rely on making choices that come from a depth of understanding, experience and perspective, and lead on to something fresh and new.

A good decision feels good

A successful decision comes from a position of strength. It is not one made with stress, pain or discomfort. With a good decision, both the situation AND the decision-maker move forward together.

Course Aims:

  • To make good decisions with ease and confidence
  • To understand the basis of successful decision-making
  • To make choices that take all needs into account

Learning Outcomes

This course will increase your ability to:

  • Tap into new perspectives
  • Increase trust and confidence
  • Use intuition to enhance decision-making
  • Make decisions without stress or bother
  • Gain quicker overviews of a situation
  • Remain objective in difficult or sensitive areas
  • Hold differences and understand opposites
  • Find successful win-win outcomes
  • Untangle tangles, and find creative solutions



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