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Transforming Anger

Anger is difficult to receive, and may be unpleasant and unproductive to feel. It can radically reduce one’s standing and effectiveness within a team, and is a major cause of tension and disharmony. At times, one may not even be aware of the effects of one’s anger on others, which can lead to complaints of bullying and discrimination. Disturbingly, it often seems that anger lies beyond our conscious control to do anything about.

Yet anger is also a natural response to situations which work against our innate sense of what is right. Viewed in this way, anger can carry a surprisingly useful message, which — if experienced and expressed in a very different form — would benefit situations and others, and increase one’s own potency and contribution. Anger is a dislocation from our inner strength. The stronger the anger, the more positive inner strength, drive and energy we are able to uncover.

The way to harness the energy of anger is not necessarily to try control or curb it, but to look below the anger, to what is causing it. This enables us to transform that same energy into a clear and confident sense of ourselves.

This course takes the radical approach that ‘feelings are friends’. The bigger the feeling, the more important it is — for one’s own sake, as well as the sake of others — to learn and acknowledge its message.

This course increases your ability to:

  • Manage anger and other difficult emotions successfully
  • Understand the causes of strong emotions
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Deal with frustration and blocks
  • Express one’s point of view without anger
  • Receive other points of view without anger
  • Hear ‘annoying’ messages in a new way





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