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About Focusing

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a gentle yet radical approach to change. By listening to ourselves and asking the question, ‘What wants my attention right now?’ we invite an open, non-judgemental space within us. Into this space, our deeper impulses, knowledge and intuition come more fully into our awareness and find a voice. As we learn Focusing, we discover how to respond to this space creatively, and how to enable fresh directions to open up with the issues and people that concern us, and in our lives in general.

Where does Focusing come from?

Focusing was developed by an American philosopher and psychotherapist, Eugene Gendlin (b.1926), Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago for many years. His philosophical investigation centres upon the conditions which facilitate change (the Philosophy of the Implicit). Focusing, and its many related processes, such as Thinking At The Edge, put this philosophy into practice. Since the 1960’s, these methods have been internationally regarded by professionals within coaching and psychotherapy, and as a profound means of personal transformation.

How Focusing Works

Focusing is a practice based on an experience known as the felt-sense. The felt-sense is like an inner compass. It gives us a tangible, felt-experience of what we need to move forward in any particular moment or situation. It is freshly experienced and unique to us and our situation. Supported by a Focusing teacher or partner, we learn to contact our felt-sense of a situation without judgement. Increasingly, we are able to trust and follow the natural wisdom and confidence this holds, tangibly felt in our bodies, and through images, metaphors and dreams. For more about Focusing, see our Resources page for recommended reading.

Who is Focusing for?

While used by many councillors and therapists, Focusing is also learned and practiced by non-professionals world-wide. It provides a safe and confdential environment to explore our inner worlds, and to experience the felt-shifts within us. Focusing is supported by a long series of operational research studies conducted frst at the University of Chicago and now internationally (see ).

What are the benefits?


Focusing is highly effective for:

  • Bringing change into stuck situations
  • Better immune functioning and building healthier relations to the body
  • Decreasing depression and anxiety and improves the relation to the body


Focusing will increase your ability to:

  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Heal past rifts, pain and depression
  • Move beyond blocks
  • Make clearer choices
  • Foster self-respect and inner confidence
  • Increase intuition and trust ‘gut feelings’
  • Better relationships with others
  • Increase health and happiness
  • Improve sleep
  • Understand and benefit from dreams

Useful Links

Please see the links on our Resources page for further information.




‘Experience is a myriad richness.

We think more than we can say. We feel more than we can think. We live more than we can feel. And there is much more still.’

Eugene Gendlin (Founder of Focusing)



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