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Emotional Intelligence

With Focusing

Focusing offers one of the most subtle and far-reaching processes for developing emotional intelligence. It encompasses how we think, what we feel and need, and the impulses which condition how we act and behave. In addition, Focusing opens up the more mysterious aspects of our inner interactions, such as experience which has no obvious language to describe it (the felt-sense), metaphor and symbol, body-wisdom, implicit knowing and intuition.


About Focusing

Discover more about Focusing here, and explore our related approaches:


  About Focusing


Our knowledge of Focusing means we bring an unusual degree of depth and sophistication to our consultancy. It enables us to hold together subtle, contradictory and complex issues. We help you bring light to hidden topics, and clarity into unacknowledged or unspoken agendas — with skilfulness, care and respect:


  Our Consultancy


We offer a variety of courses at different levels:

You may be a complete novice or skeptic in the world of emotional intelligence, or face a particular challenge managing strong or stuck emotions.

You may have a capacity for emotional intelligence which you wish to develop further.

You may be fluent in reading and understanding your inner worlds, but wish to apply that more effectively and fully in different situations.


  Our Courses


Emotional intelligence and Focusing are taught as ways of exploring and increasing our ability to interact internally, within ourselves. This may be exactly what is needed to change how we interact with others, with our time and tasks and with our life-work situation as a whole:


  Our Coaching









‘Experience is a myriad richness.

We think more than we can say. We feel more than we can think. We live more than we can feel. And there is much more still.’

Eugene Gendlin (Founder of Focusing)