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We specialise in people skills for professionals. Our aim is to make
your life and work a meaningful and vibrant expression of you at your best.

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Focusing with Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC)

These two approaches support each other. NVC deals with our communication with others, and teaches how to empathise with others and with ourselves, especially in challenging and difficult situations.

Focusing practice builds our understanding of the subtleties and complexities of communication. With an increasing understanding of the inner processes of change which we gain through Focusing, our interactions with others become more genuinely empathic, free of judgements or jargon.

Life at Work’s founder, Elizabeth English, was the first person to receive international certification in both NVC and Focusing. Now part of a growing community of teachers and practioners with a knowledge of both processes, Life at Work trainers offer a fresh and unique combination of these two globally recognised approaches.


Focusing is also taught as an aspect of our courses in Nonviolent Comnunication™


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