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Wholebody Focusing

Wholebody Focusing is a somatic application of Focusing, developed by Kevin McKevenue, a Canadian teacher of Focusing and Alexander Technique. Like Focusing, it is based on the potential of the living body in its widest sense (the full body of our experience). Namely, that whatever problem is felt in the body is capable of being resolved in the body — because our bodies carry an implicit knowledge of how the resolution will feel; this is the felt-sense of the solution.

Wholebody Focusing adds another dimension to Focusing because it opens a pathway to experience which lies beyond or beneath what we can say in words; experience which may be nonverbal, preverbal or subverbal, and which therefore escapes our conceptual awareness. By discovering our bodies’ natural impulses, and ‘inner directed’ movements, Wholebody Focusing allows us to access beneficial experience, without the limitation of language. By giving full acknowledgment to movement, gesture and sound, the practice opens up new and unexpected resources.



Wholebody Focusing is ideal for anyone who:

  • Feels stuck when they try to explain issues verbally
  • Gets frustrated trying to understand issues and problems
  • Goes blank when asked ‘how do you feel?’
  • Has ongoing, chronic unhappiness or physical pain
  • Has tried many other approaches without success

Wholebody Focusing will increase your ability to:

  • Move and act with confidence and pleasure
  • Trust your body’s own knowledge of what is needed for issues to resolve
  • Open new possibilities for healing past hurt or trauma
  • Builds your immune system and overall physical health





‘I would love to live,

Like a river flows,

Carried by the surprise,

Of its own unfolding’

– John O’Donahue ’Conemara Blues’



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