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Communication for Leaders

Successful leadership relies on communication. Leaders need to know more about how people work than ever before. The ability to understand the hopes, expectations and dilemmas of one’s colleagues and team members is now as important as the ‘harder’ skills relied on by previous generations of managers and leaders.

Communication is at the core of one’s ability to lead; it is through communication that one is able to develop the vision and creative strategic responses necessary to improve and maintain high performance within one’s organisation.

This course is for anyone who wishes to increase their effectiveness as a leader, focusing especially on essential communication skills. With approximately six participants at a time, the course allows for expert and individual attention from the trainers, as well as the close support and experience of the group: the ideal learning environment for lasting and embedded change.

Course Aims

  • To provide understanding of excellent leadership practice
  • To learn communication collaboration and negotiation skills
  • To cultivate effective professional relationships
  • To develop tools for managing personal challenges and organisational success

Learning Outcomes

This course will increase your ability to:

  • Establish positive connections with colleagues and clients, and work successfully with differences
  • Understand what motivates people and drives performance
  • Recognise the impact of skilful communication
  • Listen actively to colleagues, team-members and clients, identifying and responding to their needs with accuracy
  • Deal with disgruntled people, and increase team-spirit
  • Give and receive feedback without blame within a ‘learning environment’, and be honest without insulting others
  • Achieve co-operation and collaboration from those we manage and lead
  • Handle difficult people and difficult emotions with greater ease
  • Manage decision-making without stress — and mentor others to do the same
  • Deal with conflicts and complaints to de-escalate problems at the outset, so as to maintain healthy teams and give superior service to clients
  • Negotiate with clients and colleagues to find win-win solutions, and facilitate productive meetings
  • Find new approaches to dealing with challenging situations, and inner resources to deal with pressure and stress
  • Give genuine appreciation and recognition to colleagues and business partners, to foster trust and well-being