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Communication for Teams

Investing in communication makes a significant difference to the quality and efficiency of your work, especially in times of change. Good communication is the hallmark of successful transition and at the core of successful enterprise. It increases people’s ability to deal with internal changes and external pressures. Efficient and friendly communication is worth protecting. If it breaks down, it not only affects individuals, but the team as a whole and the team’s ability to achieve its outcomes.

This course focuses on communication within teams and for teams. Bringing fresh perspectives and new skills into the area of communication, the approach builds people’s confidence and ability to connect with each other and to engage positively as a team. By working with awareness on how people enage and connect, it also increases mutual undestanding, liking and respect. Whatever the pressure, when communication is working well, work is likely to be meaningful, motivating and enjoyable.

This course explores communication and teamwork in three ways:

  1. How we express ourselves: making confident and respectful requests that are most likely to bring other people on board and achieve the outcomes we wish for
  2. How we listen and attend to others: responding quickly to other people’s ideas and wishes withn the team, and understanding their needs – however they may be expressed
  3. How to manage our own reactions within challenging interactions: responding in a calm and resourceful manner in times of transition or stress and supporting others to do the same, even in dfficult situations

Course Aims

  • To build teams and teamwork through communication
  • To improve communication in times of change and stress
  • To support transition with transparent, clear communication
  • To understand the impact of skilful communication upon performance

Learning Outcomes

The course will increase your ability to:

  • Enhance working relationships with colleagues, partners and customers
  • Discover strengths and blind-spots
  • Maximise willingness in a team
  • Make requests and suggestions in a way most likely to be understood
  • Offer feedback and advice that people want to hear
  • Be honest, without offending others
  • Build respect across boundaries
  • Build efficiency without losing a human touch



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