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Teams in Transition

Managing Change Programme

This programme is a flexible and total approach to managing change, adapted to your particular needs. It may include tailored consultancy, bespoke training courses, workshops and action learning groups, as well as one-to-one coaching for team members, or mentoring for those in leadership roles.

Teams in Transition (1 Day Course)

When teams are new, or in times of transition, it is hard to maintain high-performance, efficiency and enjoyable team-working. Yet change itself holds the possibility of maximising potential and finding the support needed for success.

This course focuses on the three elements of the working environment that — when kept in balance — enable us to reach successful outcomes: the task, the team and the individual. By exploring how these three aspects work together, times of transition can quickly stabilise, firm foundations are laid for the future, and the team’s potential is realised.

The day combines key learning about optimum team-work with enjoyable interraction. It is specifically designed for times of stress, change, or transition.

Course Aims:

  • To support teams in times of change and transition
  • To promote efficient, high-performance team-working
  • To increase good communication within stressful situations
  • To provide an enjoyable and meaningful environment for team members to engage in new and creative ways



How your team can benefit:

  • Clarity around core values underpinning and motivating the team
  • A new setting for fresh team dynamics to emerge
  • Deeper understanding of roles within the team, their limits and growing edges
  • New ways to bring core values to meeting targets
  • Enhanced responses to external pressures
  • Meeting in a different, relaxed and sociable environment
  • Greater confidence as a working-unit
  • Time to explore new ways of achieving goals
  • A creative space away from the task-oriented stress of the work environment


How individuals can benefit:

  • Increased awareness of their contribution and significance in the team
  • Enhanced individual impact within the team
  • Understanding the ‘active’ and ‘receptive’ modes within teams
  • Greater choice about when to ‘lead’ and when to ‘follow’
  • More ability to motivate and recognise themselves and others
  • Increased skill in team communication
  • Knowing how to maximise willingness within the team
  • Discovering or bringing in previously hidden talents to the team
  • An enjoyable day, combining meaning, learning and fun


How the task can benefit:

  • Greater ease and efficiency in achieving targets
  • More transparency within the team
  • Outcomes more clearly defined
  • Greater awareness of what is flexible and what is firm
  • Task-focused communication increasingly direct
  • Better use of time in meetings
  • Performance easily monitored
  • Current blocks to action dealt with creatively
  • Targets met and surpassed



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