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Learn Facilitation

Facilitation is a necessary art for anyone running meetings, holding presentations, negotiating deals or managing network opportunities.

How do we know if others in the room are engaged and listening? How do we know if we really have them on board? And how do we enable people to express their views in a way that also takes account of the needs of others?

Whether you lead projects from the boardroom, represent your company with clients and partners, or manage a team, improved facilitation skills will ensure you handle situations with a fresh flow and ease. You will be more able to keep objectives in mind, and to ensure that you are making the most efficient use of everybody’s time. And you will be better equipped to handle lively or difficult groups with authority, whilst establishing a genuine sense of respect and trust.

This course is available as a half-day or full day, which goes into greater detail.

Course Aims

  • To increase and generate new skills in facilitation
  • To build ease and flow within important or high-level situations
  • To improve performance through greater awareness within groups

Learning Outcomes

The course will increase your ability to:

  • Understand the nature of connection and motivation in a group
  • Engage others in a quick, natural and effective manner
  • Direct proceedings with authority
  • Maintain clarity and direction
  • Make requests with confidence in meetings
  • Present the ‘you’ that will achieve the best results
  • Ensure that you are listening
  • Ensure that others know you are listening
  • Empower others to express and listen
  • Balance the needs of all people present
  • Build subtle skills in communica tion, for increasing trust
  • Handle difficult or challenging group situations
  • Represent your ideas, department or organisation at its best



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