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Learn Mediation

Differences and disputes occur naturally. Friends, families, neighbours, colleagues... at times we can all experience disharmony and conflict.

If left unresolved, differences and disputes may affect our relationships over many years, creating uncomfortable sources of tension and stress.

Many people are nervous of mediation or reconciliation, fearing it will only make matters worse. Yet with surprisingly little intervention, it is possible to regain a warm and positive regard for others, and to feel oneself valued, seen and understood. It is always possible to reconnect with others, and to relate once again on the basis of respect, friendship or love.

Reconciliation is always an option — and the sooner you bring it in, the better it is for everyone. We support people of any age, background and culture.

Mediation is a challenging, and yet hugely rewarding, process. The level of skill needed to mediate is high. So in order to learn the skills of mediation, we recommend starting by attending other courses from our range of Communication and Conflict Resolution. For example:

We run occasional courses and training in mediation, either as open courses, or as part of a suite of courses as requested by a business or organisation.





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‘[Our organisation] contracted

Life at Work to carry out very sensitive, multi-party conflict-resolution work for a situation that was about to ‘go legal’. My staff and I all experienced [the mediator’s] interactions as helpful, considerate, empathic and caring. She was able to bring compassion and understanding to the situation, from which resolution resulted.’

– Director, national organisation