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We specialise in people skills for professionals. Our aim is to make
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Alternative Approaches to Stress Reduction

For a truly different experience at work, to add life to your learning, why not introduce an alternative flavour to your development programme?

Life at Work offers an invigorating cocktail of experiences which will uplift you, help your team to re-group, and bring fresh impetus and momentum.

Include an Alternatives workshop in your training, or bring a session into your personal development plan.

Workshops with a Difference:

Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation is an ancient method of centring ourselves, relaxing deeply, and contacting fresh reserves of energy and motivation. With over twenty years experience of these methods, Life at Work teaches simple techniques that can be practiced anywhere at any time, for real and effective change, including: body-awareness relaxations, breathing meditations, and the development of calm, confidence and positive emotions.




A perfect way to relax, energise, and release tension, allowing teams to re-focus with clearer minds on what is essential, within a positive atmosphere of appreciation. Exercises are gentle, yet stretching, and adapted to individuals’ needs — and can be taken away with you for long-term effect.



Group Singing

The songs are foot-tapping, body-swaying, easy to sing or chant. Drawn from Africa, groovy jazz and rounds, they are uplifting, dynamic and great fun. These workshops tap into your innate wonderment at life, build confidence, release creativity, open up new perspectives, and inspire a common purpose. Too much to claim? Just try one!




Story-telling is a natural, spontaneous expression of who we are. Whether we tell traditional or created stories, or anecdotes from our own lives, our ‘inner story-teller’ can surprise, delight and move us as it emerges. Highly interactive, the workshops use story character archetypes, sensory picture building and intuitive metaphors and images, woven together with imaginative exercises. Be prepared to have a good laugh and surprise yourself with the profundity of your creativity. Help team-members to ‘see’ each other more clearly, and to be together in a deeper, more meaningful and enjoyable way.