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We specialise in people skills for professionals. Our aim is to make
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Developing Inner Resources

When we are in touch with our inner resources, we achieve our desired outcomes with ease, and promote good teamwork through positive role-modeling and shared vision.

Our resources can be limitless if we know how to manage them. To do this, we need to invest time in developing our own approaches. We need to find fresh ways of relating to our working conditions and the environment in which we aim to excel. In this way, our work will include both our external achievements, and an internal ability to manage ourselves at our best, and to empower others to do likewise.

Course aims:

  • Meet challenges more creatively
  • Develop greater focus and resilience
  • Transform unpleasant and harmful anxiety patterns, and reduce stress
  • Meet targets more easily and increase performance
  • Increase energy and motivation at work
  • Negotiate more efficiently, with greater clarity
  • Increase empathic communication and team-work with colleagues and customers
  • Resolve problematic issues more easily

Workshop Aims:

  • To increase output by increasing direction and motivation
  • To work more creatively with pressure, and reduce corresponding stress and anxiety
  • To encourage openness to change
  • To increase transparency and honesty with team-members, partners and customers

Learning Objectives:

  • How to use and increase inner resources under pressure
  • Greater understanding of why stress happens
  • How apparently difficult feelings may actually be useful
  • Ways to translate criticism into useful feedback
  • Understanding our own ‘difficult’ behaviours and how to move through them
  • Tools for improving decision-making under stress







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