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Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

A combination of heavy workloads, organisational change, and everyday mishaps can seriously undermine our ability to be effective and enjoy what we do. Health and well-being is central to our ability to be successful and happy in what we do. But while we cannot always remove the causes of stress, we can radically alter our responses to it.

Life at Work courses help you find the ‘transformative value’ of the challenges you face, as they push you towards your particular learning edge. This gives you new and creative ways of responding, making life more enjoyable, and you more effective.

Life at Work trainers specialise in mindfulness-based stress reduction, with nearly thirty years’ experience of techniques suitable to work and home environments. For more information about our approaches, please see our Approaches pages, in particular Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness.


What does Mindfulness teach?

This classic eight-week course teaches mindfulness using a combination of face-to-face work¬≠shops, and audio-based home-practice material. Mindfulness practice involves learning different types of attention — such as a light focus on our breathing — and discovering their effects on the mind and body. These include simple and accessible meditative exercises for dealing with stress, difficulty, depression or chronic pain, and for building resilience, energy and empowerment.


Our courses and coaching enable you to:

  • Learn mindfulness practices to find calm in different situations
  • Find the ‘useful messages’ in stress
  • Transform unpleasant and harmful anxiety patterns
  • Experience less inner conflict and greater peace of mind
  • Develop a clearer and more focused mind
  • Meet challenges more creatively
  • Cultivate a productive, learning attitude









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