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Recognition & Motivation

For performance to be at its best, people need more than monetary reward. Appreciation that goes beyond a financial transaction is difficult to give, but vital to including the whole person, and thus to increasing the motivation of individuals and teams. When motivation is high, output increases, as people willingly go beyond themselves to meet their targets.

People rarely feel fully valued and appreciated for the work they do. This incurs real costs to businesses, which lose out on the added value they achieve from a highly motivated and engaged work-force.

Course aims:

  • Understand the link between recognition and motivation
  • Encourage work that contributes directly to performance
  • Give recognition to others in a way that is genuine
  • Appreciate staff members without being perceived as patronising
  • Be accurate and authentic in giving positive feedback
  • Create a safe environment for continuous learning

Workshop Aims:

  • To explore genuine recognition as a key motivator for learning and performance
  • To develop ways of giving authentic recognition
  • To increase the motivation and output of individuals and teams

Learning Objectives:

  • What holds people back from giving and receiving appreciation or thanks
  • How to let others know when they have added value to a project in a way that works for all parties
  • New ways of giving positive feedback that is accurate and authentic
  • The different impacts of honesty and praise
  • Tools to increase motivation and trust within a team
  • How to give genuine thanks to customers and partners to enhance working relationships



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