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Professional and Personal Development

We specialise in people skills for professionals. Our aim is to make
your life and work a meaningful and vibrant expression of you at your best.

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Information Sheets (downloads)


Here is a list of all our pdf downloads — giving you easy access to information about our different courses, and our approaches to consultancy and coaching.

PDF Active Listening

PDF Beyond Bullying Causes, Prevention and Cure

PDF Building Confidence

PDF Challenging Conversations

PDF Coaching and Mentoring

PDF Communicating with Customers & Clients

PDF Communication for Teams

PDF Communication in Healthcare (2 days)

PDF Communication in Sales

PDF Conflict Resolution A 3-part course in Needs-based communication

PDF Dealing with Conflicts and Complaints

PDF Decision-making in Depth

PDF Developing Inner Resources

PDF Discovering our Inner World

PDF Embodied Practice

PDF Emotional Intelligence

PDF Empathic Communication

PDF Focusing and Dharma Practice

PDF Improving Feedback Skills

PDF Improving your Sleep

PDF Introduction to Focusing

PDF Leadership and Communication (Three days)

PDF Leadership and Communication (Five days)

PDF Learn Facilitation

PDF Learn Negotiation

PDF Managing Conflicts and Complaints

PDF Managing Confrontation

PDF MBTI Factsheet

PDF MBTI for Sales

PDF Mediation and Reconciliation

PDF Meeting the Challenge

PDF Mindful Communication

PDF Mindful Conversations

PDF Mindful Emotions

PDF Mindful Relationships

PDF Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

PDF Needs-based Communication

PDF New Communication Course for Junior Doctors

PDF Nonviolent Communication™

PDF PDF Proposal

PDF Presentation Skills

PDF Recognition and Motivation

PDF Resolving Conflicts

PDF Sleep Article

PDF Team Support

PDF Teams in Transition

PDF Transforming Anger





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