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1 March 2012 — Q9: What Can Meditation Teach us about Communication?
(Or: Life with a Holiday Attitude!)

Surprising as it may seem, communication is not about using the right words at the right time. Communication is much more than this - it’s about what goes on inside us when we interact with others...


17 January 2012 — How growth-direction happens

By Peter Kuklis (Viryakumara) — A personal account and reflections on my journey with Focusing

But how can I know the direction of my own growth and development? If I decide what growth to aim at, my decision springs from my feelings and attitudes, how I am now...


5 January 2012 — Explorations in Focusing and Buddhism: 2. Can we trust our experience?

Forthcoming article:

Once we have discovered the depths and delights of Focusing, it can be difficult to answer the seemingly simple question, ‘What is Focusing?’ How can we sum up the subtlety and range that Focusing brings to our experience?...


1 December 2011 — Is your meditation safe?

Insights from Focusing

Although nativity cribs and mangers may be far away from Buddhist minds at Christmas, there’s a mythic theme that speaks to me. How to find a haven, a safe place at this dark time of the year?...


1 December 2011 — Explorations in Focusing and Buddhism: 1. How Focusing can help Buddhist practice

Gendlin says, ‘There’s always more.’ And I imagine for many Focusing Buddhists, his recent interview on Focusing and Buddhism...


1 December 2011 — Focusing and Fairytales

1. What do Focusing and Fairytales have in common?

Among the snippets of dreams, poems, and song-lines that pop up in my Focusing sessions, I often find themes from fairytales. So in the past few years, I've returned...


1 December 2011 — Sleep-Focusing: A Pathway to Sleep

I wake up, sensing deep night all around, with just a hint of dawn. I float deliciously for a few moments in a dream-filled, sleep-soaked, semi-conscious state; then roll over...


1 December 2011 — Why Focusing? A Brief Introduction

This brief introduction is what we offer people thinking of attending a course, or taking Focusing lessons or coaching...




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